NOW, there’s a better way to market your business.

VELPRINT has recently installed a powerful, high quality HP Indigo Press that can print less, but get more.

Imagine receiving extremely high quality colour documents even if you don’t have the quantities necessary to justify offset press production.

Now, even a print job as short as ONE is now viable and possible.

Consider printing on demand so you get the exact quantity of marketing collateral when you need them.

No cost-prohibitive start-up costs, no inventory or warehousing costs, and no risk of obsolescence. Plus, digital printing means reprints and last-minute changes are possible and turnaround time is reduced to a matter of hours.

Personalised leaflets and brochures need to be delivered to addressees by post, so envelope insertion compliments the personalisation process.

VELPRINT offers a complete one-stop-shop from your creative artwork to postage.

Think of 1:1 marketing communications that reach each of your prospects with a relevant, personalised, full-colour message instead of mass producing generic, printed communications.

Why use variable data printing (VDP)?

Variable data printing enables the “mass-customisation” of documents as opposed to the “mass-production” of a single document. By including the name and address details of customers from your database VDP allows you to create highly relevant personalised messages, tailored to your individual customers.

We start by working with you to create a dynamic VDP template. Then we use your database information to generate the document variables with the possibility of virtually individualizing every single page. It really does take customer interaction to a new level. VDP is a fantastic tool for conducting targeted marketing campaigns, and for tailoring your literature to appeal to individuals and small, well-focused niches.

One to One Marketing

We memorize only 5% of what we read and 10% of what we hear. But a powerful image is retained for much longer. We can, in fact, recall an incredible 25% of what we see… which is what makes one to one marketing so effective.

Truly effective one to one marketing campaigns are personalised to the point where their recipients might well feel that a campaign has been written especially for them. This, crucially, allows you to connect with your targets on an emotional level. VDP helps you to reach your target individuals by personalising a single message; one to one marketing allows you to create truly personalised campaigns. Campaigns specific to the individual that can easily incorporate their interests, hobbies, age and even location.

We help you develop powerful, memorable campaigns that will really deliver the results you want.

Direct Marketing

We base our solutions on the knowledge that you achieve best response rates by getting the right message in front of the right person at just the right time.

We use the very latest digital presses to offer a variety of mail formats. That might be postcards and letterheads overprinted with single colour personalisation. Or more complex, digitally printed, mailers where we can tailor the image, text and colour content of each mail piece to each recipient. We’ll also handle your data securely in accordance with data protection requirements.

With our variable data expertise, sophisticated software and the very latest digital presses; we cater for even the most complex personalised direct mail solutions.